Tips for Attorneys on How to Avoid Overwhelm

Posted by Audrey Ehrhardt, Esquire, CBC

The life of an attorney can be a struggle in the best of times. Add a pandemic into the mix and it may feel downright unbearable. If fact, more and more attorneys say they are overwhelmed on a daily basis. Especially with the persistence of the COVID-19 crisis, attorneys and their support staff have faced unprecedented changes to their work, to their life, and to whatever semblance of work-life balance they have achieved. There is no question you are feeling the pressure and we want to share our tips for attorneys on how to avoid overwhelm during the pandemic with you!

On top of the anxiety generated by the rapid spread of a novel disease, attorneys have had to continue to find a way to work and take care of their families in the midst of everything else that is going on. One of the first things that have gone out the window, understandably, is self care. In discovering ways to take care of your work and your family, be sure that you find a way to take care of yourself as well.

Finding a way to recognize your body’s cries for help when stress starts overtaking you, can be critical to most effectively coping with everything COVID-19 has brought to our lives. Take the steps that work for you to fortify yourself against stress and anxiety. You will be a healthier person, a happier family member, and a more productive worker for it.

Many of us may see the signs of stress appear. We feel the anger and irritation rising within us, experience latent anxiety, and toss and turn well into the night. Regardless of seeing the signs, we drive (head on) through them! A key tip for attorneys to avoid overwhelm is to listen in to your body. Taking care of yourself can not only help minimize these symptoms, but can help address the root of the problem through giving you techniques to cope with and manage stress and stressful situations.

Stress can breed in isolation. While it may be your first inclination to keep all that generates anxiety close to you, taking time to reach out and connect with others can help build resilience against things like job stress. Your coworkers and those in your professional network are, more likely than not, experiencing similar difficulties. Talk to them about problems you are experiencing and collaborate on finding solutions. Have real talks with those you work with. Discuss how the pandemic is impacting your work and give everyone the ability to manage expectations accordingly.

In addition to accessing your professional network as a resource, talking to friends, family, and loved ones about how you are feeling can also help strengthen you during times of stress and crisis. We are all in this together. Do not forget it. No one seems to be immune from the pervasive effects that COVID-19 has on our society. Talk to people about how you are feeling and check in on them as well.

What other tips for attorneys on how to avoid overwhelm do you need? Consider this: During a time when so much feels outside of our control, it can be empowering to make a concerted effort in identifying what you actually cannot control and what you can control. Is there any way for you to develop a daily routine that even somewhat resembles the one you followed pre-pandemic? This can help you feel some sense of control amidst the chaos. Keep your schedule as regular as possible. Take breaks to do something active, get some fresh air, and check in with others.

Remember that you not only deserve time for yourself, but you need time for yourself. There may never seem to be enough hours in the day. Key tips for attorneys on how to avoid overwhelm include maximizing the time you have. Take a moment here and there to check in on yourself, and do something that you enjoy. Make a concerted effort to take regular social media and news breaks. While it can be important to check in on the state of the world, everyone needs a mental time-out from this on occasion.

Our team at Practice42 remains committed to helping professionals struggling during this time of so much uncertainty. Sharing these tips on how to avoid overwhelm during the pandemic, is just one of the things we can do! Please reach out to us for any assistance and schedule a free Strategy Session. Remember, we are here for you. Let us help!

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