Law Firm Management Software Customized Build Outs and Integrations

Ready for a Law Practice that works the way you want it to every time? We get it! You are busy practicing law and you need your caseload, your team of employees and attorneys, and your technology to operate as efficiently as possible. Let us talk to you about Law Practice Management Software Customized Build Outs and Integrations.
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Software Pie Piece

Practice Area System Customization

You know how you practice law, but does your law practice management software? Is it customized to support each of your practice areas? Making sure your law practice management software meets the demands of your practice areas plus provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions requires customization. Our team knows how to make this work and optimize your software for you.

Build Out and Automation

Your law practice management software needs to work within your existing law firm tech stack. The technology you have, as well as what you don’t have, plays a critical role here in the streamlined efficiency of your daily practice operations. We can come in and apply the solutions you need to get the most out of your software.

Integration and Apps

To be the central hub of everything going on in your practice, your entire tech stack needs to work together and be both centrally and easily located. From your law practice management software to your website to your phone system to your financial system and more, it all needs to seamlessly integrate together. Let us show you just what can be done to create the practice of your dreams.

What if a 30 minute meeting could change the future of your practice?

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How It Works


Once you request your free Strategy Session our team will meet with you to provide answers to your questions. We want to learn more about you, your firm, and your needs. From here, we can create a custom proposal to get you the right support from Practice42 to meet your goals. We know it can be a lot to take in initially and can work with you at your own speed to identify the right solutions to implement for your firm.

Proposal & Pricing

Your proposal is going to share with you the ins and outs of the services you need in your law firm. While most of our law practice management support services are flat fee, to make it as easy as possible for you, there are still some that are hourly. We will discuss all of this in your Strategy Session, in addition to this proposal. Our team can work with you to find the pricing structure and discounts that work best to meet your needs.

Welcome to the Family Kick Off!

This is the fun part! Now that you have signed your contract, which follows your proposal process, you will have your Welcome to the Family Kick Off Meeting! Here we get into the nitty gritty of onboarding and implementing your solutions. If it sounds daunting, don’t worry, we assure you that it isn’t. We are excited though for you to meet your key team members who will be supporting you on your journey to law practice success!

We make the software happen.

Can You Really Help Me Get the Work Done?

There is no question law practices are extremely busy places. Customized and integrated law practice management software can help in all aspects of your practice, not to mention adding the ability to generate the data you need to make good decisions. It is one of the critical steps we need to take when we have our goals set on practice success. Our team can come in and make it work the way you need it to, as that amazing AI employee who is able to help you get things done each and every day.
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What if a 30 minute meeting could change the future of your practice?

Schedule a Strategy Session Today!

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