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Remember when we had a mentoring attorney to show us the ropes for performance in our legal careers? Not a lot of us do. Yet, there was a time in recent law firm history where a senior partner would take you under their wing and teach you how to do your job. Everything from the mentoring you needed to learn the ins and outs of your practice area to the performance necessary to reach the results you needed to run the business side of the firm. We get just how important this is to the sustainable growth and success of your firm and our team is here to help you get results. With our performance coaching you will see results right away as we remove the bottlenecks in your practice and get you focused on what matters most - practicing law!
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A Law Firm Performance Coach is a must-have for law firm success.

A performance coach provides expert advice and guidance to you. The role of a coach can vary depending on your specific needs but we tend to focus on analysis and assessment, expert advice, problem solving, systems building, recommendations for planning and implementation, implementation support, performance data and metics, market analysis, and so much more. Your relationship with your Practice42 performance coach is unique to you and the bottlenecks you face right now.

Please know that performance coaching is only available when a space opens up. You may inquire by email or during your Practice42 Strategy Session if there is availability. We also only offer performance coaching for lawyers in the practice areas of elder law, veterans affairs pension and disability, estate planning, estate and trust administration, guardianship and conservatorship. We can provide, based on your Strategy Session, coaching for solo and small firm management as well as for practice area leaders for large firms, regardless of practice area.

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What if a 30 minute meeting could change the future of your practice?

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Learn to Practice Law the Way You Want to with Your Mentor

Stop Living in Fear

Every good attorney dots every I and crosses every T (sometimes more than once!) but how do you do this if you don’t know how to issue spot your Client Avatar? What if you don’t really understand your Client Avatar or how to help them? Your mentor coach can run scenarios with you to make sure you aren’t missing any key details you might otherwise overlook and point the way to the resources you need to strengthen yourself and your practice.

Get the Answers to Your Questions

Running a law practice isn’t for the faint of heart. We all need guidance, especially when it comes to building a sustainable practice. A law practice coach can help you identify the who, what, where, when, why, and how to get the assistance you need in your practice. While mentoring is a key first step, it goes hand in hand with performance as you put the time in to build the foundation you need.

Build the Foundation for Your Streamlined Practice Area System

It starts with learning the law. The case law. The rules. The history. Then you add in the business side of the practice of law. The bookkeeping. The accounting. The technology. The marketing. The Practice Area System that ensures you can deliver the best work product to each client every time. We build smart practices across the nation and streamline them for growth and profitability so you can master your practice.

How do you ensure the success of your law practice?

We want to introduce you to the 21st Century Practice of Law.

Mastery of the law is, by far, the most important thing you can do. But what happens next? Streamlining your law practice efficiency is next. This includes everything from your strategic marketing to the performance of your legal team to gathering the data you need to make informed decisions on practice management… believe us, we get there’s a lot to do. We can help you get there! Let’s discuss what you need.
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What if a 30 minute meeting could change the future of your practice?

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