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We know you need your law practice to run like a well-oiled machine, that’s a given. But do you know the data you need to ensure it is running at its optimum performance level? The Practice42 Data Team knows the ins and outs of the key performance indicators that make a difference in your firm! From insight on your revenue and your costs per legal service to your employees and your outstanding tasks, we develop the custom reports you need to deliver strategic insight into your practice. Our law practice data solution can get you on track to exceed your goals, and keep you moving forward!
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Software Integrations

Your law practice management software should be the central hub of your firm operations. But does it give you the customized reports you need? Are you utilizing it to its full potential? Is everyone on your law practice team a daily participant? Or, like most firms today, are you only scraping the surface of one of the most powerful tools you have invested in? We can tell you that when you maximize the use of this investment in your practice and choose how you want your firm to operate, the sky's the limit in your practice! Let us talk to you about what the power of having a central hub of operations for your firm at your fingertips looks like!

Customized Reports

Every law practice has its own unique challenges and opportunities. What does success look like? What does failure look like? What are your long-term and short-term goals? Don’t you wish you had a tool that will evolve with you and your business? Customized reporting gives you the ability to be in control of what is being presented so that it can be used in the most effective way possible. Why track something that has no value in getting to your goal? Once you get a sense of where you want to be, we can help you track your progress to that goal. We will provide the facts so you can make the right decisions and reach your goals.

Real Time Data Analytics

Analyzing old reports can be useful in certain scenarios, but with technology, employee responsibilities, and the general landscape of doing business rapidly evolving, what you are analyzing can be irrelevant to your practice today. You can’t change the past, but you can change the present. Wouldn’t you rather discover an inefficiency or problem right away? And fix the situation before it loses you money? We give you reports that are relevant to the day, week, month, or year you are looking at. You will be able to make those adjustments knowing that what you are basing your decisions on is reliable and relevant.

Custom data driven results for sustainable long-term success in your practice!

How Does the Practice42 Data Solution help me?

We understand just how hard it is to run your law practice like a business, after all you need to be able to practice law each day! You need easy access to your law firm data that can show you that you aren’t just scraping by but are able to reach your goals for practice success.

We also know that you need to be able to understand what isn’t working, so you can take action to fix it. Our predictive analytics and key insights can help you see what is going on in your practice at all times so, if there ever is an issue, you can take action to get back on track, and stay there!

The Practice42 Data Solutions Team can provide you with:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboards
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Marketing Insight, Metrics, Origination, and Cost per Case
  • Forecasting and Modeling for the success you want to achieve
  • Billable and Administrative Time Reports for Employees and Attorneys
  • Aging Reports for a Deep Dive on what isn’t moving forward in your firm
  • … and even more when you let us know the custom data you need!

Even better, we know how to provide you with real time data insights on your practice that you can review anytime, anywhere, by simply accessing an app on your smartphone!

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Can You Really Help Me Get the Work Done?

There is no question law practices are extremely busy places. One of the most logical, and sustainable, ways to grow your firm is by knowing what it actually costs you to manage, market, and run your law practice. While it seems like it would start with getting the legal work you are hired to complete out the door, it doesn’t. It starts with building your foundation for success and then evaluating it month after month, quarter after quarter, until you have developed the streamlined and profitable practice you have always wanted. But the truth is, in today’s law practice, focusing on data solutions isn’t on the top of everyone’s to-do list, even when it should be. Let us talk to you about how our data solutions can give you the information you need to make good, informed decisions and create the law practice of your dreams!
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What if a 30 minute meeting could change the future of your practice?

Schedule a Strategy Session Today!

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