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When our law firm clients come to us, many of them share that they originally thought their receptionist or paralegal could handle the marketing for the law firm. Unfortunately, both employee and employer quickly realized how time consuming the responsibility was and how much work truly went into successful marketing.

The end result? More often than not, the firm limped along with a partially implemented campaign until the employee’s billable time decreased to the point that the marketing was perceived to be too costly. In favor of getting work done, the marketing was neglected.

Marketing costs you in one of four ways:

1. The cost of the clients you lose by doing nothing.
2. Your billable time when you are a DIY-er.
3. Your employee’s billable time when you delegate  it.
4. The cost of hiring a strategic legal marketing agency.

Your marketing will never reach its full potential when your team member can only give half of his or her effort to implement it. You will handicap your earning potential if you do it all yourself. The legal marketplace is competitive. You need to participate daily with custom content that shares your unique message. You face competition not only from other lawyers but also from non-lawyers offering legal services.

Do not waste your valuable time and money on solutions that may work. Instead, invest in the practice support solutions that do work with real return on investment.

Memner Benifits of The Florida Bar

Practice42 is an approved member benefit provider for the Florida Bar.

Practice42 gives all Florida Bar members a 10% discount off of custom marketing services and also pays the Florida Bar a royalty revenue payment of 10% per contract.

Practice42 also has a promotion for any Florida Bar attorney to receive $500 off any one-year contract.

*This agreement with the Florida Bar excludes secure, custom website monthly hosting.

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