Practice42 Paralegal Drafting and Case Management Services

We know you need your law practice drafting to be completed on time and accurately, the first time you assign it. If getting the work done is a source of frustration in your firm, the Practice42 Team of paralegals and legal assistants may be hired to draft documents to support the case work you need completed for your clients. Need help staying on track? Our law practice Case Management System can keep you there!
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Paralegal Drafting

You know you need the work done to move your firm forward and support your clients. The question is: Who is getting this work done for you? Is it you? A paralegal? A legal assistant? Do you find yourselves overwhelmed all the time? Or do you face continued challenges with accuracy and timeliness? Maybe your paralegal just needs a paralegal to be more efficient. No matter what your challenge, let us help you get the results you need.

Case Management

There’s an art to managing cases from start to finish and it starts with workflow. Workflow focuses on the “if/then” scenario, in other words, all the steps that need to happen for your client’s case to be completed. We find attorneys get overwhelmed managing their deadlines and staying on track with cases, especially when they do not have a team member who can help them stay on track. This is where Case Management comes in. Let us help you manage your caseload.


For estate planning and elder law attorneys, funding is a critical component to the practice of law. Our founder, Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, Esq., CBC, started as a FLorida estate planning attorney and understands both how important this is for your firm and the struggle it can be to complete this step of the work. If you are looking for funding solutions, our Paralegal Team can support you in this critical work. Let us talk to you about what streamlining this process looks like for your firm.

Drafting and Case Management are the keys to practice success!

How Does the Practice42 Paralegal Program help me?

We get how stressed out you are when it comes to getting work done in your practice. And, when the work you assign is not completed with accountability, we know just how much your entire firm can suffer.

We get that when it comes down to it, you need well crafted solutions, not an employee you’re paying to do a “half-way” job.

The Practice42 Paralegal Team is experienced in getting you the results you need. The results that reflect exactly what you want every time.

  • When you work with our team we meet with you virtually.
  • We learn your Practice Area Workflow
  • Learn your process on how the casework gets done.
  • Discuss your Meeting Agendas or Intake Notes to ensure we know what to draft.
  • Coordinate how we will deliver your drafted documents to you.
  • Set deadlines and communication practices to ensure the work is done within the timeline you need.

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We make the drafting magic happen.

Can You Really Help Me Get the Work Done?

There is no question law practices are extremely busy places. One of the most logical, and sustainable, ways to grow your firm is by hiring, developing, and managing law practice support staff to assist you in your practice. While it starts with getting the legal work you are hired to complete out the door, it doesn’t end there. You need to be developing career employees who can work with you toward your goals for your firm. But if you just can’t find them? You need team players who prioritize their task list and are able to own a case from start to finish, and do it the right way the first time. But the truth is, in today’s law practice, they don’t have to be physically in your office or on your payroll to help you. Let us talk to you about our paralegal and case management services.
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What if a 30 minute meeting could change the future of your practice?

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