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Top 6 Habits of Successful Attorneys

You look around you and see that some attorneys seem to be thriving while others seem more to be just surviving. It can be frustrating to look at those around you and wonder just what they are doing to get the results YOU WANT! You may find yourself asking, “what sets those who get stuck […]
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Do You Need a Mentor or a Performance Coach?

The law can be difficult when you feel alone in the trenches of it. Surprisingly, the isolation you feel doesn’t always get easier as you mature and grow in your practice. Instead, overtime, it can increase and leave you feeling at a loss, despite all the “wins” you experience. Whether it be a sounding board […]
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Need Google My Business Reviews Advice? Practice42 is Here to Help with 7 Steps!

Do you remember when Google My Business was simply Google Maps? And then it added photos… and reviews… and wanted you to participate weekly… and added rankings?!? We know! This strategic marketing campaign, which must be a part of your local marketing efforts, seems to be evolving at a breakneck pace. First of all, we […]
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Tips for Addressing SPAM Emails on Your Website Photos

This scam is so prevalent right now, this is just one of the reasons why I think it’s so important to raise awareness of it. First and foremost, this is almost certainly a scam. There are only a small handful of ways it could be an actual threat, which we will discuss a bit later […]
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Welcome To The Digital New Law Practice Era

We are now in a digital law practice era where there are rapid technological advances which can be overwhelming for many. There are new products that are released everyday, on top of the information that follows. Whether you stay up on the latest news sources or testing new products, you may think you are never […]
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The ABCs for Increasing Cybersecurity Awareness and Protecting Your Practice

Do you know your ABCs? Not the ones you learned in grade school, but the ones surrounding cybersecurity that can protect your practice. Ready to relearn them? Let’s begin! Always read, learn, and understand what is required of you in your cybersecurity insurance policy. Many lawyers today still do not read the fine print when […]
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Are You Ready to Open your Own Practice?

Have you considered starting your own practice? The pull towards being your own boss, making the decisions on how the firm is run, and being able to decide which cases you take on can be strong and can, some days more than others, be extremely appealing. It is, however, an endeavor that you should thoughtfully […]
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7 Tips You Need to Address ASAP When You Are Opening a Law Practice

When the entrepreneurial spirit is high, you may find yourself bursting at the seams to open your own law practice. It is an exciting time, but not the time to move forward without taking care of many important tasks first. Trust us, we know. We build successful law practices, and while we know the journey […]
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Tired of Your Senior Partner? How to Open a Firm Over the Lunch Hour

Time and again you have put your best foot forward. You have tried to make things work. But, despite your best efforts, your senior partner continues to plague your professional life in an unrelenting and inescapable way. We know you may feel hopeless. You may feel desperate. We want to tell you that you are […]
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Tips for Attorneys on How to Avoid Overwhelm

The life of an attorney can be a struggle in the best of times. Add a pandemic into the mix and it may feel downright unbearable. If fact, more and more attorneys say they are overwhelmed on a daily basis. Especially with the persistence of the COVID-19 crisis, attorneys and their support staff have faced […]
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