Recent studies continue to show the top two most trusted digital referral sources for your business are friends and family.  The research revealed makes sense. There are two powerful psychological associations in using someone recommended to you by these two groups. First, social acceptance – sharing in the positive experience your peer group is benefiting from right now. Second, affirmative association by individuals who share your standards. For example, if your mom and best friend are satisfied with a services provider chances are you will be too and you will have something to share together.

Does your marketing plan include reaching these individuals?  How will make the interaction meaningful? What is your plan and within it what are your objectives and tactics to reach success?  Your relationship marketing plan needs to be consistent and easy for you to implement in your business.

Here are practice42’s 3 simple strategies for engaging friends and family:

1. Interact with past clients.

These are satisfied people who benefited from your services, paid for them and are perfect candidates to be walking endorsements for you. They can’t do this, however, without your direction. Your relationship marketing campaign needs to create multiple ways – both digital and personal – to connect with them to generate referrals.

2. Make relationship marketing part of your strategic campaign.

Relationships generate clients but relationships don’t start and stop with one or two meetings. Your strategic campaign should be designed for multiple, consistent interactions across multiple platforms.  In today’s marketing landscape you will not reach everyone the same way.  Take the time to invest in others and your practice by building relationships in your digital and local community.

3. Give them something to share.

No one can talk about you all the time if you don’t share frequent materials with them. Your campaign should be built with topics to discuss and share.  Easy starters are conversation topics like:  life moments, upcoming events, teaching new concepts, sharing important updates.  Let them be proud of you and informed and watch the word spread.

The easiest way to do all three of these things? Start a digital relationship marketing campaign that’s lets you build and maintain momentum. Knowing that you want to positively impact friends and family is only the first step in the right direction, now you need to put the plan in place to make it happen.

Not sure where to start? We would love to share ideas with you. These are important considerations for you to define before you engage in any marketing campaign where you will be dedicating your time and money to generate new clients.