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Your Website Blog Content May Set the Tone for Your Potential Client Meetings

Posted by Audrey Ehrhardt, Esquire, CBC

In our legal world, first impressions are crucial. As we all know, increasingly these first impressions are being made online, long before a potential client ever steps foot into your office. Your website, and particularly your blog content, often serves as the introductory handshake, greeting, and initial consultation all rolled into one. Research tells us that over half of your potential clients are doing their own investigation into the attorney they need, and drawing their own conclusions! 

Knowing this, are you putting your best foot forward?

Let's delve into how the content of your blog, and your website, can set the tone for meetings with potential clients and why it needs to be a living, breathing component of your client-acquisition strategy.

First, we want to discuss the power of first impressions. The content on your blog is often the first substantial interaction a potential client has with your law firm. It reflects not just your knowledge and expertise but also your approach to clients and cases. It should not be overlawyered, in fact most search engines read at a 3rd grade level, and quality, informative, and engaging blog content can take critical actions including, but not limited to, the following:  

  • Establish trust. When readers find your content helpful and informative, they are more likely to trust your expertise and consider your services.
  • Showcase expertise. Your blog is a platform to demonstrate your knowledge and experience in specific areas of law, setting you apart as an expert in your field.
  • Set the tone for client expectations. The tone and quality of your blog content sets client expectations on multiple levels. You can demonstrate not only your understanding but demonstrate you understand the challenges your clients face, which creates connection. Further, clear, jargon-free content makes you seem more approachable, suggesting that meetings with you will be understandable and client-friendly.

The topics you cover in your blog can also influence what potential clients want to discuss in their initial meetings. Well-crafted posts can guide the conversation. For example, if you write about particular legal issues, clients may come to meetings with those topics in mind, allowing you to prepare more effectively. You can also discuss various services or successful case strategies, so you can steer clients toward considering these services for their needs. Your blog's content can enhance your credibility and increase the comfort level of potential clients by allowing you to explain complex legal processes or potential outcomes demystifying the legal process, which can reduce anxiety and make your potential new clients more comfortable in meetings.

We know you may have questions on how to ensure your blog effectively sets the tone for potential client meetings. When it comes to creating a marketing blogging plan that you can follow consider these tips:

  • Post consistently. Regularly post new content to keep your blog fresh and engaging.
  • Ensure you are relevant. Write about topics that are relevant and interesting to your potential client base.
  • Use a call to action and suggest an action. Encourage readers to contact you for more information, subtly guiding them towards booking a consultation.
  • Find your voice. Unique content matters today. Find your voice, or help your copywriter find your voice, and discuss things as you would in a first client meeting. While the tone can be friendly and approachable, maintain a level of professionalism that reflects the serious nature of your work.

In conclusion, the content on your law firm's website blog is a powerful tool that can significantly influence potential client meetings. It sets the tone for your firm's image, demonstrates your expertise, and begins the important work of building a relationship with clients before you ever meet them. By strategically crafting your blog content, you can ensure that this first impression is a positive one, laying the groundwork for successful and fruitful client interactions. If you have questions about your blog, or any part of your law firm marketing plan, we encourage you to contact us and schedule a free 30 minute Strategy Session to discuss your practice needs.

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