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The Medical Access Card with Marketing Muscle for Your Firm

You know how important advance directives are, but did you know they are missing from hospitals’ Electronic Medical Records more than 75% of the time?

You can make sure your client’s advance directives are available when they need them by including a DocuBank Card in their estate plan. The DocuBank Card instantly delivers your client’s advance directives to hospitals–and helps you reinforce your relationship with your clients.

It’s free and easy to start protecting your clients!

Peace of Mind for Your Clients

Medical emergencies are a nightmare for families. DocuBank reduces stress and clears up confusion during these awful situations.

The DocuBank Card instantly sends your clients’ advance directives to the hospital by fax or through Your clients can also make other medical information available through their cards, such as a list of medications, allergies, medical conditions, and more.

This access helps your clients’ loved ones during an emergency. They can go directly to the hospital instead of searching for the documents or calling your office. That means your clients spend more time with loved ones, their health care wishes are known, and they receive the care they want.

Marketing Benefits for Your Firm

DocuBank has helped thousands of estate planning attorneys increase client retention by providing a low-cost, value-added service that clients appreciate. You can provide peace of mind for your clients and benefit from unique marketing features that reinforce your relationships with clients and generate referrals:

  • Your clients’ cards & correspondences are branded with your firm information
  • Clients see your logo and branding when they log in to
  • Alert emails to family generate referrals for next generation business
  • DocuBank renewals can be atangibleaddition to your client care or maintenance program

You can take advantage of DocuBank’s complimentary marketing materials to distinguish your firm from competitors. You’ll receive website content, social media posts, seminar/webinar slides, brochures, videos, and other materials to help you add DocuBank to your marketing campaigns.

It’s Free & Easy to Start Protecting Your Clients

You can start protecting your clients by setting up your firm’s free DocuBank account. You’ll receive two complimentary one-year client memberships. After that, future memberships are just $18 per person, a 67% discount off the retail rate ($55).

DocuBank partnered with the leading document-drafting software companies to help you sign up your clients. DocuBank is integrated in:

  • CounselPro
  • Wealth Docx
  • ElderDocx
  • Lawyers with Purpose CCS
  • Planning Pro
  • Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Beyond Counsel

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