Get To Know Our Team

At Practice42, we build successful law practices. To that end, we have a number team members who meet the many different needs of our clients. Just like your law firm, different team members specialize in different services. From graphic designers to copywriters to web designers and SEO experts and our amazing coaching staff, no matter what your needs are we have the support team that can help you attain the practice excellence you desire.

Here you will find information about our Team Leaders and Law Practice Management Coaching Staff. What is the old saying? It takes a village… We know it does. It takes many behind the team players to bring you the success you want.


What is PRACTICE42?

Practice42 is the brainchild of Audrey Gay Ehrhardt, Esq., CBC. As an attorney, Audrey felt that the majority of lawyers were “sold a bill of goods” surrounding how easy it was to reach the level of success they wanted as a lawyer overnight. The truth she quickly learned, as most of us do, is that this is far from the reality and it is an ongoing challenge that lawyers face throughout their entire career. 

Understanding these challenges and ensuring that lawyers have access to the tools they need to build, run, manage, and sustain a thriving law practice as we focus on the business of the law side, is critical. This is only the first step in the journey. 

Beyond the basics of running a consistent law practice, which are not basic at all, we also focus on the strategies you need for high level growth, performance, and the foundation for one day selling your law practice. We also offer C-Suite support for our highest level performing law firms. 

What is the “Practice” in Practice42 about? Its because she started with law practices, although over the past 5 years Audrey and her team work with business owners of all types. You can learn more about our non-legal support services here. 

What’s the “42” in Practice42 about? You tell us… 

… no, really. Audrey doesn’t let us share it here but it is one of the best stories she tells.



We believe in authenticity and honesty. We are not going to recommend you try something we have not tried as well. If we have not tried it yet, we will let you honestly know and may even partner with you to learn it.

Our team members have been where you are. Each of us know what you are going through and when you become a client we will commit to help you get to where you want to go. While we are a company made by lawyers, for lawyers, in our post-pandemic model, we hire employees who know what it is like to work endlessly to achieve the results they need in the business world.


We believe in creativity. We believe it is critical to a thriving business and ultimate success in the business world. We also know our approach is often unheard of. 

As a team, however, we know the power of consistent learning over time. Your brain needs it to thrive. Fear is not the only mind-killer, just look at the businesses and business owners who choose complacency over enhancement. 

We are constantly striving to enhance and improve the business ecosystems we encounter. To find new, better, exciting (and sometimes more challenging) ways to do things. We believe in developing a team of career employees that will work nonstop to deliver the consistently executed solutions you need on a daily basis.


We believe in open communication. You are investing in us and we are investing in you. Your success is our success. We will not make decisions in a vacuum and will partner with you to help you reach the success you want for your practice, your clients, your team, and for you, personally. We will not give your ideas or the solutions we develop with you to others without your permission. 

We know the value of open communication and the power of combining it with honest feedback. Of course, there will be times when honest, open communication on both sides may be hard to hear but when we are truthful with each other and work together we can reach amazing results! If you ever do not feel you have a P42 Team Member

who is respecting this commitment to communication excellence, then we want you to immediately reach out to the Practice42 Leadership Team.

Law Practice Mentoring and Software Implementation Expertise Meets Custom Marketing Agency.