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Helping Your Clients Choose the Best Health Care Proxy (and Why It Matters!)

One of the most important decisions your clients make is often made without much thought: whom to choose as their health care proxy. Nearly half of hospitalized adults over 65 needed their health care proxy to make a medical decision for them. With so many decisions being made by proxy, it’s essential that each client chooses a proxy who is ready and able to act with their wishes in mind—and it’s not always the obvious choice.

Join Michael Wall, DocuBank Marketing Manager, for this webinar on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at 1:00 pm (EDT) where he will explore the latest research on advance directives, including studies on how frequently they’re used, their impact on physicians, patients’ families, and their accessibility in the hospital. You’ll learn about how to help your clients pick an effective health care agent and use this data in your marketing to build relationships with your clients’ family and friends.

Let’s Build an E-Book for Your Practice!

Do you use an e-book as a part of your law firm’s strategic marketing plan? What type of e-book? How do you use it? Where do use it? How often do you share it as a part of your strategy? Does it convert prospective clients into actual clients? Do you also make a print copy available? Or… are you just wondering what an e-book is? Whether you want to learn how to use an e-book as a part of your law firm marketing strategy or you already have one you are using in your marketing campaign and want to reach new levels of success, we invite you to join us for lunch! On Tuesday, October 31, 2017, at 12 pm (ET), we are holding our webinar from Practice42’s Premier Practice Institute, Let’s Build an E-Book for Your Law Firm!

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