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Full service marketing agency meets business development strategies for practicing lawyers. Possibly the perfect combination of tools for your law firm success.

Executive business strategy for legal practice development.

Even the most successful lawyers struggle with maintaining the balance between practicing law and running a successful business. Research shows us that, unfortunately, the majority of practicing attorneys will never reach their business goals.

Reaching your business goals for your law practice is not a dream. It is a reality. One you can create. Real, long-term success is not an accident, it is not happy circumstance, it is not luck – it is the result systematized, hard work.

Real success and growth will not happen until you can focus on practicing law and growing your practice in your local community. Give yourself permission to go after the results you want and use our business strategy, objectives and tactics to create the practice you want.

Strategic, custom marketing agency services for today’s law firm.

We are the only marketing agency specializing in law practice development and custom marketing campaigns just for your law firm. When you’re our client, we start with a four part marketing plan that outlines your goals and supports them with objectives and tactics. We specialize in custom solutions – when you’re our client you won’t see your exact same content on someone else’s website or leave your website to access shared resources.

Today, most consumers will not trust a professional who does not have a reliable digital presence or a recognizable brand. Overnight, law practice marketing has gone from a business taboo to a business must. From social media and blogging to responsive web design and local search development, you can’t afford to ignore your marketing if you want to reach your profitability goals.

Legal marketing is still a relatively new concept and your bar rules are evolving. We’re run by lawyers and marketers so we’ll be able to talk to you about the rules – of both marketing and law.

Team Development, Training and Development Tools for your practice.

Ongoing training, countless errors, payroll headaches, negative attitudes, taxes, insurance, HR difficulties, delays, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes… Every now and then as a successful business owner you’ve got to ask yourself – is having employees really worth it?

We’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be a headache. You can find employees and build a team that will support your dream firm. Amazing things happen when you find others who believe in you and want to create something bigger than ourselves. We want you to have that experience in your firm. From personality training, practice manuals that really work and communication retreats to hiring, firing and everything in between, we want to help you create a team you love.

Run for lawyers by lawyers, we know the unique challenges you face. We have also have seen our fair share of frustration and had our share of disappointing employees and vowed – never again! Let us support you in doing what you do best – practicing law – without the administrative headache wearing you down.

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