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1: The Real Problem Behind Your Closure Rates

Ever felt your numbers are down? Like you can’t seem to get “it” right when you’re meeting new potential clients? Do you have months where your batting average is less than great?

We hear you, we’ve been there too. While not every month can be your “best month” in your practice, not every month should feel like a struggle. There are months that will be impacted by cyclical events such as the holidays or school breaks or weather, but, sometimes, a slump in our numbers requires us to look inward as well.

In this training session, we will talk about the managing the impact of the external factors on your practice first. Then we will transition to take a look inward and discuss five factors that can dramatically impact your closure rates including what you are doing in your community, in your law office and in your client appointments to get new business closed in the first appointment.

2: Who should watch this training session?

The Real Problem Behind Your Closure Rates isn’t just for you but for your team as well. When you think about it, your team is on the front lines. Each employee is critical to laying the foundation for your success before you ever meet the potential client.

You need each employee to be trained on your message to convey what you do and how you do it, even if it’s just the summer clerk in your practice. Everyone should be able to speak about what you do, why you do it and be able to share your message of what you achieve for your clients. Whether your team participates with us in the live training session or you use this as a team development tool in your practice, don’t overlook this practice building training session.

3: Let’s Get Training!
In this section, you will find our recent webinar on this topic. We have a clean recording for you right here to watch in case you missed the live session, available to you 24 / 7 / 365. Want to look at our calendar of live educational training sessions? Click this link to look at what training sessions are coming up on the education calendar.

4: Supplemental Materials are Being Designed For You!
There are checklists, forms and resources that support this training session. They are being created just for you right now. We will let you know when they are available!