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1: What are the Practice42 Medicaid Practice Area Resources.

In this section of the library you will find our Medicaid Practice Area Resources. You may start by downloading Practice42’s Medicaid Practice Area Roadmap right here. This tool can serve as a guide to your using this section of our library and highlight key resources contained within it.

2: Do I need a Practice Area Roadmap?

Our members have told us it helps them be able to “visualize” what we are working on together in each practice area. Our goal is to assist you in streamlining your operations and further developing your practice so it may run as smoothly as possible. Based on member requests, we have built a series of Roadmaps for each of the different areas of operations within a law practice. This can serve as a guide to help you reach your goals for your law firm.

Ultimately, we want you to have a Playbook, which can also be described as a Process or a Procedure or a Handbook, for each area of operations within your law practice. Our goal is not to throw you into the deep end of the pool, but to support you with the training you need to maximize your productivity, efficiency, and profitability in each area of your practice.

3: Let’s Get Training!

In this section, you will find our recent webinar on this topic. We have a clean recording for you right here to watch in case you missed the live session, available to you 24 / 7 / 365.