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1: What is a Medicaid Practice Area Workflow

Your workflow is where the magic happens in your practice. A workflow for each legal service can serve as a roadmap, as well as an overall guide to help you and your employees, and ensure your practice runs smoothly within each practice area and included legal service.

Workflow is the crux of the “if/then” scenario. In other words, it defines and lays out each part of the case. For example, “if” a potential client calls to schedule a first appointment, “then” he or she is sent a Welcome Packet and Letter. Another example would be “if” my potential client retains me, “then” I will be hired and start work on his or her Medicaid case.

Workflow is critical. It ensures that not only you but your team members know what to do each day as you operate within your law firm. If you’re like most successful attorneys, almost everything you do is in your head. While you can have employees with you over time who learn directly from you, as well as employees who already know how to complete the tasks associated with the legal services that you offer, for other employees it may be more difficult to successfully master the duties associated with each legal service within a practice area.

A workflow that each team can follow each for every legal case can help us overcome many of the challenges we find in busy law firms. Also, if you add a tool such as law practice management software, you can, in many of the software programs, build in your workflow for each legal service and track what work has been completed to date. You can also run reports to check in and see where the progress on your cases stand each week, if not each day. You can also automate the calendar dates and reminders associated within your workflow so your team is better able to know what is expected of them each day.

2: Let’s Get to Training!

In this section, you will find our recent webinar on this topic. We have a clean recording for you right here to watch in case you missed the live session, available to you 24 / 7 / 365.

3: Your Sample 60 Day Medicaid Workflow

In the section of the library, we are including a sample workflow for you to use.

As we shared in the training video, feel free to customize this tool to meet your own needs for this legal service. You may also customize it to fit your own time frame. It may also help your firm to have more than one workflow within this legal practice area. For example, you may want a 30 Day Medicaid Workflow or a workflow that anticipates more than 60 months of qualification before being able to file a Medicaid application.