1: What is a Client Maintenance Plan Workflow

As we have shared in other tracks within this Group Coaching Library, your workflow is where the magic happens in your practice. A workflow for each legal service can serve as a roadmap, as well as an overall guide to help you and your employees, and ensure your practice runs smoothly within each practice area and included legal service.

Workflow is critical, especially in this area where you are anticipating a lifelong relationship with your clients. You need to be prepared for “what happens next” under scope of services within this practice area. By way of example, if you plan to provide an annual document update, you do not want to find yourself scrambling in Month 11 to get things done.

Creating these processes can ensure that not only you but your team members know what to do each day as you operate within your law firm. If you’re like most successful attorneys, almost everything you do is in your head. While you can have employees with you over time who learn directly from you, as well as employees who already know how to complete the tasks associated with the legal services that you offer, for other employees it may be more difficult to successfully master the duties associated with each legal service within a practice area.

3: Your Sample 365 Day CMP Workflow
In the section of the library, we are including a sample workflow for you to use.

As we shared in the training video, feel free to customize this tool to meet your own needs for this legal service. You may also customize it to fit your own time frame.

4: Law Practice Management Software Considerations
Law practice management software may be able to assist you with your CMP implementation and follow through.There are types of law practice management software available now that both offload much of the work for you and your team, and automate it.
If you would like to learn more about this process, take a look at the training resources in our Law Practice Software Library section.