1: Why is funding information so important in this area?
Funding is an essential part of the trust agreement creation. It is how we protect our clients’ assets from probate by re-titling them in the name of the trust. Law firms seem to fall into one of three categories when it comes to trust funding:

● They do not fund the trust, but provide a general instruction letter to the client
● They fund some assets into the trust, but not others, and provide the instruction letter
● The fund the entire trust, and provide the instruction letter

You will need to determine how you want to manage this in your practice and clearly explain your relationship with regard to funding to the client.

3: Practice42 Funding Information
In this section you will find a series of supporting client management letters designed specifically for this practice area.

  • Sample Funding Checklist
  • Closure Letter Documenting No Funding at This Time
  • Closure Letter Documenting Funding Completed to Date
  • Instructions for Funding Your Trust Agreement


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