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1: The Essentials Behind ADA Websites That You Need to Know Now!
ADA compliance in business websites throughout Florida, and across the nation, are becoming not only more relevant but a necessity as we see an increasing amount of litigation against businesses over their websites. Website accessibility lawsuits center around the fact that all, or a portion of, the business website or app is inaccessible to the disabled. We are watching as the filing of website accessibility lawsuits rises dramatically. While in 2017, we only saw an increase in these types of lawsuits by 17%, in 2018 we have seen an increase by 181%. At their core, these lawsuits focus on the fact that the websites were not coded in such a way to ensure that they would be able to work with assistive tech. This means that these business websites and apps are, essentially, in all or in part, not accessible to disabled persons. Although it may appear at first to be an unusual question, ask yourself: Could someone who cannot see, hear, or touch interact with your website? 
2: What will we cover in this training session?

This session focuses on practice development strategies, tactics, and techniques for you to consider implementing in your law firm. We encourage you to jump in and listen to this training designed to help you create the success you want in your practice.

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