1: Why are cases deadlines so important in this area?
Successfully managing case deadlines is a critical part of success for any legal service, but especially in the probate process. You know your own local courts rules and policies, just as you know the overall practice specific timelines. We encourage you to blend these pieces together to create your own “quick” sheet that represents you critical case deadlines.

Building this out in your practice can allow your team members to be prepared and able to plan forward for what they need in this practice ara.

3: Law Practice Management Software Considerations
If you will be automating your case processes, this is a place where knowing your timelines, as well as the responsible parties, can give you a distinct advantage. Using your calendar and task management options you can build a system that allows you and your team to know where cases stand and what needs to be completed on a weekly basis.

If you would like to learn more about this process, take a look at the training resources in our Law Practice Software Library section.