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1: Building Your LPM Software Playbook

The success of your law firm can, in many ways, be defined by how you efficiently and effectively work with your clients. This can be hindered when your team members do not have the information they need to perform their jobs. This is just one example of how a Law Practice “Playbook” or Process or Procedure can help.

Choosing to use LPM software is just one part of the equation. Next, you need to build it out to ensure it can run as smoothly as you want it to. This means first taking a pause and setting up the time you need to create your Law Practice Playbooks. A Playbook will define how things get done in your law firm.

As you will find throughout these trainings, building your Law Practice Playbooks first can make the build out of this software much easier than making choices at a later time.

2: Let’s Get to Training!

In this section, you will find our recent webinar on this topic. We have a clean recording for you right here to watch in case you missed the live session, available to you 24 / 7 / 365.