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Your law firm is unique to you! You know, just like we do, you need custom solutions created, implemented, and working each day for you - not a guidebook filled with best practices on what you could do.

That’s why we created Practice42's Premier Practice Institute. Instead of suggestions, our attorneys and their team members have access to a library packed full of resources ready for them to implement for their practice right away. Forms, systems, processes, and ideas - all the law practice management tools you need to run your law practice. Our attorneys are part of a dynamic community that has available to them multiple training opportunities each month with the Practice42 Mentorship, Performance, and Software Coaches, as well as participating attorneys nationwide. We also provide each member with their own on demand library that is jam-packed with hours of training that lawyers are using right now to get the success they want!



• Law Practice Management
• Strategic Marketing
• Law Practice Management Software
• Expert Presenter Series
• Law as a Business

• Elder Law and Estate Planning
• Law Practice Tech and Software
• Guardianship and Conservatorship
• Client Maintenance Plan
• Probate And Trust Administration

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In this section of our Membership Library, we will be working alongside you to support you as you build your Probate Practice. This specific emphasis of this section is to work with you and your law practice team on the Probate Practice Area.

Whether you are DIY-er or a member of this Membership Library in conjunction with other services, we are here for you. Based on member requests, we have built a series of workflows, tools, and resources which can serve as a guide to help you reach your goals. Do not hesitate to let us know your questions through our Premier Practice Institute Members Only Private Facebook Page and by participating in our Group Coaching Calls each month!

We recommend you start with the first two tools you see here. These tools are:

  • The Probate Practice Area Roadmap. The Probate Roadmap can serve as a guide to your using this section of our library and highlight key resources contained within it.
  • The Probate Practice Area Workflow. We recommend you use it as “Table of Contents” for all the included documents here. You can either use this as it is here or customize it to build your own Probate Practice Area Playbook in your law practice.

We know you may also want more one-on-one training where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and get the specific support you need for your practice. For the Probate Practice Area specifically you have three extra options available to you.

  1. Mentorship Coaching. You may choose to hire a Law Practice Mentorship Coach from our team to help you reach your goals and better understand the practice of law in this specific area. Just click this link to schedule a free Strategy Session to determine if this type of coaching may be a fit for you.
  2. Software Implementation Coaching. You may choose to hire a Law Practice Software Implementation Coach from our team to help you reach your goals and implement your selected software solution for you. Just click this link to schedule a free Strategy Session to determine if this type of coaching may be a fit for you.
  3. Attend a Practice42 Conference. The Practice42 Team teaches a series of live education conferences throughout the year. Many attorneys find that these CLE Conferences help them both master practice areas like this and reach their goals for success. Go ahead and click this link to take a look at our education page to see if there is a conference on this topic coming up.

As always, we also welcome you to contact us directly at the office and let us discuss how we may be able to best help your practice.