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“I often find myself asking Audrey how she knows what she does
(she usually shrugs) but that’s the thing she’s always looking for
solutions.There may be 100 answers to your question but she’s
going to find the right one for you. She loves a challenge I learn
more from her in our monthly meetings than I would spending
hours searching on my own”.


Jean D. Young
Museum Specialist & Visual Communications Designer
The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts


“Audrey (and Practice42) single-handedly cut $28,000 a year
out of our marketing efforts and brought our brand to the
forefront of what consumers are looking for. I would
recommended to anyone looking to compete today.”


Gregory G. Gay, Esquire
The Nature Coast Law Offices of Gregory G. Gay, PA

“Running an elder law firm presents unique challenges that change every
day. I have worked with AE for over two year’s she has a unique business
where she helps address the actual challenges a law firm faces rather
than offering a one size fits all solution. She has assisted us with our
marketing, staffing and operations development so I can go on vacation
and not worry about the growth or operation of my firm. I highly
recommended that any lawyer looking to grow their firm and have more
free time talk to Audrey Ehrhardt.”


William Nabors, Jr., Esquire
Owner of Nabors Trust law, LLC, and Founder of VADisabilityDenial.com

“If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about hiring
Audrey Ehrhardt or Practice42. I’m here to tell you to just
stop considering hiring her and do it. Too many times recently I
work with companies that over promise and under-deliver.
With Audrey it is the exact opposite she always over-delivers
going above and beyond if you hire her you will not be


Patrick J. Roth, CPA, Esquire
Roth Elder Law

“As a lawyer I have found there are a million things to do when you run a
busy law practice. I have to manage my staff, I have to make sure everything
runs smoothly, I have to make sure that clients are happy – I found you have
to hire an expert. I was fortunate to find Audrey Ehrhardt and Practice42.
What a difference hiring them has made in my practice. Audrey steps in to
make sure everything runs smoothly from staffing to planning to marketing.
Especially with marketing since it is such an ever-changing point we have to
make sure it runs smoothly. Practice42 makes sure everything is flawless
and we are growing tremendously because of it. If you want help to get
where you are going Audrey Ehrhardt and her team are the ones who will
get you there.”


Donna L. Wilson, Esquire
Wilson Law, PLC

“Audrey is a highly organized tornado pixie dust with
a touch of bitch (not sexism but because bitches get stuff done)
and she has such a nice way with words that she can tell you to go
$#@* a cactus and you’d look forward for the adventure”.


Twyla Sketchley, Esquire
The Sketchley Law Firm and Founder of the Sketchley Method

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