We are a solutions company.

We create custom solutions specifically built and tailored to your needs. We are distinctive in that we not only identify and develop solutions for you, but also provide practical implementation for each answer.

Most of our clients know what success looks like for them but they do not know what it takes to reach it. On a daily basis they are inundated, just like you, with getting things done just to keep up. Most days they feel overwhelmed, stuck in an inefficient pattern, and are unable to make real progress to improve their profitability and growth.

We understand those challenges. We also understand that each business has its own path to success. We know the strategies it takes for you to succeed. Smart answers to tough questions.

We focus on services in 3 main areas for our clients based on their individual needs.

  • Professional development consulting and coaching
  • Full marketing agency services including web design, social media and branding
  • Employee development/training (see our multi-gen resources blog)

Using the principles that are the foundation for practice42, our founder, Audrey Ehrhardt, JD, CBC, has developed a team of highly creative go-getters from across the nation. Together, they form a company that is truly unique in its vision and dedication to support the success of your business.

“I often find myself asking Audrey how she knows what she does (she usually shrugs) but that’s the thing. She’s always looking for solutions. There may be 100 answers to your question but she’s going to find the right one for you. She loves a challenge. I learn more from her in our monthly meetings than I would spending hours searching on my own.”

Jean D. Young
Museum Specialist & Visual Communications Designer
The Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

“As a lawyer I have found there are a million things to do when you run a busy law practice. I have to manage my staff, I have to make sure everything runs smoothly, I have to make sure that clients are happy – I found you have to hire an expert. I was fortunate to find Audrey Ehrhardt and practice42. What a difference hiring them has made in my practice. Audrey steps in to make sure everything runs smoothly from staffing to planning to marketing. Especially with marketing since it is such an ever-changing point we have to make sure it runs smoothly. practice42 makes sure everything is flawless and we are growing tremendously because of it. If you want help to get where you are going Audrey Ehrhardt and her team are the ones who will get you there.”

Donna L. Wilson, Esquire, Wilson Law, PLC

Full service marketing agency meets business development strategies for practicing lawyers. Possibly the perfect combination of tools for your law firm success.

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