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Do you often find yourself struggling to find the information you need to run your law practice each day? Whether you face productivity slow-downs while intaking new clients, challenges when it comes to getting work done, or consistent billing issues, we know how frustrating it can be for you. After all, if you’re like most successful lawyers, you want to just practice law, not deal with complicated administrative set up and technology issues.
For many law firms, the answer to this problem is to streamline their law practice operations through law practice management software.

You may already be familiar with the fact that law practice management software exists. Unfortunately, surveys of law practice management usage across the nation tell us that most law firms only use a small percentage of the capability of the software they have purchased. For example, one firm might use it for client relationship management but not for billing procedures. Another might use it exclusively to manage communication from potential and existing clients but not be able to integrate and implement the client portal effectively. Still further, another firm might find it provides a strong initial intake process but very little else.

While each of these uses is dramatically better than having no process in place, none of these examples provides the whole picture you need to operate at your most effective and profitable. For this, you need each part of the law practice management software up and efficiently running.

In short, you know you need it, but the question is: how do you get there?

In practicality, you most likely do not have the hours it takes to ensure that your operations software works properly each day. Further, you do not have the capability to free up an employee who can spend his or her valuable, billable time on this either. Although, ultimately, taking the time to set these processes up not only guarantees you get what you are paying for each month but allow you and your team to operate in a much more profitable and efficient manner each day.

We know how to set up your practice management software for you. No matter what software you are in, our Practice Management Software Implementation Team can help you!

How do we start? We begin by asking you: What workflows do you need in your law practice? Don’t worry if you are thinking to yourself: What is a workflow? A workflow is the way things get done in your law practice. On the software side, the one we would be working within through your law practice management software. We build law practice workflows for a number of reasons that surround an if/then scenario.

We know it may sound confusing. Let us share an example with you. Let’s say that a new client calls your law practice and wants to schedule a meeting, here is a possible workflow scenario using this pattern:

  • If a person calls to schedule a meeting, then we run a conflict check.

  • If a conflict check is successful, then we schedule a first meeting on the calendar.

  • If we schedule a first meeting on the calendar, then we send a welcome packet.

  • If we send a welcome packet, then we set a task to remind them about the first meeting.

  • If we hold a first meeting and sign a fee agreement, then we set up a new client file.

  • If we hold a first meeting and do not not sign a fee agreement, we begin the no closure process.

You can see the pattern, and the picture, that we are creating for you. In other words, workflow is the way things get done in your law practice.

We see so many firms today with ineffective workflow patterns when they begin to work with our company. Unfortunately, for the majority of law firms today, the steps it takes to get work done on an active case from intake through closure mostly resides in the lead attorney’s head. This creates hurdles, as well as stress and frustration, not just for the lawyer but for the team and everyone involved. When you add court filing deadlines, client management issues, and trust account billings, the problems just increase.

That’s why we have put together Practice42’s Practice Management Software Implementation Team to help you! Although each practice management software is different in its offering and in its application, there are similarities between the services they provide. After all, they are designed to meet the needs of law practices of all sizes, which share many similar needs.

We can come in, virtually or in-person, to set you up to ensure that you are able to use each piece of the practice management software you are paying for and all of its capabilities. Through our process, you can have peace of mind knowing it will be set up throughout correctly for what your firm needs.

Not sure what you need? Curious about aspects that you may not know about yet? Do not wait to schedule a consultation with us on how we can help you improve and streamline this side of your practice.

We know what it takes to get the job done when it comes to practice management software implementation for attorneys! There is no one way to run a law practice but there is the right way for you! Just let us know when you are ready to get started so we can create a custom solution for you! Give us a call at 850-933-5072 or email us at yourpractice@practice42.com

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