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We are so excited you are here in our Group Coaching Program – Practice42’s Premier Practice Institute.

In this section of our Membership Library, we will be working alongside you to support you as you build your Law Practice. The specific emphasis of this section is to work with you and your law practice team on identifying, using, and implementing the right law practice management software for you.

Whether you are DIY-er or a member of this Membership Library in conjunction with other services, we are here for you. Based on member requests, we have built a series of tools, live-trainings, and resources which can serve as a guide to help you reach your goals. Do not hesitate to let us know your questions through our Premier Practice Institute Members Only Private Facebook Page and by participating in our Group Coaching Calls each month!

We know you may also want more one-on-one training where you will have the opportunity to ask your questions and get the specific support you need for your practice. For Law Practice Management Software specifically you have two extra options available to you.

  1. Software Implementation Coaching. You may choose to hire a Law Practice Performance Coach and Practice Software Support Specialist from our team to help you reach your goals. Just click this link to learn more.
  2. Our Live Events. We teach in-person, live events where we will always discuss and teach software solutions. Need more information? Just click this link to learn more.

As always, we also welcome you to contact us directly at the office and let us discuss how we may be able to best help your practice.