There are a lot of great job candidates out there, but that does not mean that all of these candidates fit the mold for your law firm. You want to hire the best people for your law firm but what does this mean in reality?


Think about how your law firm runs on a daily basis. It is most likely fast-paced, detail-oriented, and has a fair number of crises to solve before the close of business. You need a go-getter who is able to not only self-motivate him or herself to get the work done but also able to follow the rules of your law firm ecosystem.


Making the decision to hire the best people for your practice needs to be your first priority.


Chances are, you’ve hired people before.  In those instances, did you hire the best people? We all know that there are some employees who are amazing, some who are definitely not and some who are mediocre at best.  You have probably hired the wrong people in the past because your firm had to adapt to them, rather than them adapting to your firm.


The truth is that while this mistake cannot always be avoided, there are steps you can take to hire the best people and limit the impact of these individuals.


We know because we’ve seen it happen for firms across the nation. Is it easy? No! Will it happen? Absolutely! Let us share a few key things to take into consideration when hiring the RIGHT person for your law firm:


1. When you are looking for experience, read resumes. Thoroughly!  You are looking for tried and true experience. Select people who have experience in the areas you are searching for help in. Throw out the resumes that are irrelevant to the job you specifically need help with; you are wasting your time by considering these people because there will be a training scale. This is not the job for someone that needs excessive amounts of training. It would be a poor investment on your part. Though this may sound harsh, you are doing a favor for these candidates because it is likely that they would be a much better fit at another business.


2. When you’re looking for an employee of any skill level, ask for recommendations. Many candidates may appear great on paper, but do not live up to their resumes on the job. This is why asking for professional recommendations is critical before hiring an employee. At least three. If you do not receive at least three positive endorsements, don’t hire.


3. Hold a live-test interview. Having the criteria for the job is one thing, but having the skill set to actually do it under pressure can be quite another. You are limited during an interview to seeing what a person wants to show you. What’s much more important is to see him or her demonstrate the skills you need while you observe. We all know how stressful it can be for someone to watch us do our job, but this is no more stressful than your law firm on any given day. Scheduling a live-test interview in person may be challenging for your schedule, but in the long-run it is well worth your time.


If you follow these three steps you should be well on your way to hire the best employee for your law firm. Make sure you are straightforward in your ask for what you want. Your expectations should be clear so that your future employees will benefit your law firm. Not sure if you’re there? Need help knowing how to hire? Don’t wait to contact us today!


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