You and Your Practice Want to Get Involved and Be a Part of This
Dynamic Ecosystem Designed to Help You and Your Team Reach the Next Level of Productivity and Success!
Your law firm is unique to you. You know, just like we do, you need custom solutions created, implemented, and working each day for you – not a textbook filled with best practices on what you could do or generic answers from coaches who have never practiced a day of law in their lives.

This is just one of the reasons why we created Practice42’s Premier Practice Institute.

Instead of suggestions, our attorneys and their team members have access to an On-Demand Library packed full of resources ready for them to implement in their practice right away. Forms, workflows, management tools, processes and ideas – everything you need to run your law practice. Our Group Coaching Member Attorneys are part of a dynamic community that has at its disposal not only BOTH twice a month live education and twice a month Group Coaching Calls, but an On-Demand Library that is jam-packed with hours of live training, practical examples, videos, checklists, documents. and tools they are using right now to get the success they want!

Practice42’s Kick Off The Month Right Call
Group Coaching Call 1

This meeting is all about setting you up for increased productivity, great communication, and continued success this month! This means we are focusing on setting your goals for the month and moving your practice forward. Each call will have a targeted agenda centered around building new community relationships, community presence building, trending marketing tips, addressing bottlenecks, working as a team, and enhancing communication.

Practice42’s Family Meeting

Group Coaching Call 2

This meeting is all about our Practice42 Family of attorneys and team members. As a team, we will work together to solve challenges you are going through, share ideas, and work together to find solutions. While we have ideas and resources to share with you, this agenda is more free form and built to get you the answers you may need now or in the future to work on your practice.

Worried you can’t make a meeting? Don’t! We will record all the meetings, including the ones you may miss. They are stored in your very own On-Demand Library, together with any resources or tools shared, and are available for you to use right now. As a member, you can just click here to login and start learning.

Don’t forget, we also have a closed Facebook Group. You will not find this through searching on Facebook. It requires a private invitation but is a place where members can come together and discuss challenges, answer questions, and be part of a law practice community.

Not a member? Contact us today. Membership is only $79.00 per month for you. From Law Practice Technology to Strategic Marketing to Practice Area Specific Training, we have so much to help you get where you are going!

The best part? Well, there are two things! First, our Group Coaching Program is a Firm License that includes all of your team members. There is no extra (hidden) cost in the program. Second, when you are a Practice42 Client you get a reduced registration fee for any of our Live Continuing Legal Events (CLE) as well as early registration.

We want you to get to know (and join!) Practice42’s Group Coaching Program. We know reaching your business goals for your law practice is not a dream. It is a reality. One you can create. Real, long-term success is not an accident, it is not a happy circumstance, it is not luck – it is the result of systematized, hard work.

Real success and growth will not happen until you commit to making your practice a success and get yourself and your team the tools you need to make it happen. Contact us today.

Ready to reach the success you want for your law practice? Don’t wait to talk to us today to schedule a free, 30 minute strategy session. Call us at 850-933-5072 or just fill out the form below and we will call you!

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