Premier Practice Institute

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Each month there are two Group Coaching calls within Practice42’s Premier Practice Institute. We encourage you to get involved and be a part of this dynamic ecosystem designed to help you and your team reach the next level of productivity and success.

You may be wondering, how will I be notified of the call date and time?

We will keep you updated by email and telephone reminders about the upcoming calls. If you feel you are missing the information at any time, do not wait to reach out to us on the Members Only Facebook Group, by email at, or by telephone at 850-933-5072.

What is the focus of each call?

Kick Off The Month Right

Held the First Wednesday of each month at 12 AM (EDT) / Length: 30 Minutes

This meeting is all about setting you up for increased productivity, great communication, and continued success this month! This means we are focusing on setting your goals for the month and moving your practice forward. Each call will have a targeted agenda centered around building new community relationships, community presence building, trending marketing tips, addressing bottlenecks, working as a team, and enhancing communication.

The Practice42 Group Meeting

Held the Third Wednesday of each month at 12 PM (EDT) / Length: 1 Hour

This meeting is all about our Practice42 family. As attorneys and team members we will work together to solve challenges you are going through, share ideas, and work together to find solutions. While we have ideas and resources to share with you, this agenda is more free form and built to get you the answers you may need now or in the future to work on your practice.

What if I have to miss these calls? Don’t worry! The calls are recorded and uploaded right here in this library.