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One of the most powerful actions we can take for the continued growth and increased success of our law practices is to give them the time, tools and training they need for development. By infusing this time for development with practice management strategies, marketing tools for today's consumer, and your own executive development, you have the formula for real, sustainable success in your law firm.

Each month, we host multiple education events for you to participate in as a member of practice42's Premier Practice Institute. We also have monthly live educational training sessions available to non-members. If you’re not a member, take a look at what is coming up at practice42 this month and going forward (if you are a member, go ahead and go to your membership login page by clicking here.)


The ZERO Inbox for Lawyers and Their Teams

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 12:00 pm (ET)
Space is limited! Click here to register for this event.

What are the biggest drains on your time each day? Chances are, email makes your top ten list every time! We are here to help you change this in your law practice. With the right law practice management workflow, you can have a ZERO inbox and communication practices that work for clients, advisors and your team. Ready to learn the secret? Join us for this complimentary webinar from Practice42's Premier Practice Institute where we will show you how to eliminate email frustration and the steps you need to follow for the right workflow in your practice. Don’t wait to create your success! Get the information you need for your firm.

Are You Using the Right CRM for Your Law Firm?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm (ET)
Space is limited! Click here to register for this event.

Do you wonder just what a CRM can do for your practice? Are you currently using a CRM and not sure you’re getting the most out of it? Are you wondering just what a CRM is and if you should invest in one for your law practice success? Join us for a complimentary webinar from practice42's Premier Practice Institute where we deep dive into the power of client relationship management software (CRM) and learn just what it can do for your practice.


We've found, however, nothing beats the learning you experience by attending an in-person educational event. An event where we come together as a community; each of us committing to step out of our busy lives to focus on learning, revitalizing ourselves and our practices, and sharing experiences, together.

We've created our in-person practice development events to do the

Give you the real materials you need to get where you want to go in your practice.
Access to new tools you can explore to get more things done in your work day.
Robust discussion time on the topics we address so you can find answers for your firm.
An opportunity to build a network of peers from across the country.
The time you really need to think clearly about your practice.

Excited? We are! The first of our Live Events just took place at The Kimpton Hotel Zamora on St. Pete Beach in April 2017. We keep these events smal by choice and members of Practice42's Premier Practice Institute are invited first (as well as receiving a break on tuition!) Check back on this page for updates on when the next event will be held!.

As lawyers, we know the value of education and training on topics you need to build, maintain and grow a successful law practice. This is why we have created practice42's Premier Practice Institute.

A membership in practice42's Premier Practice Institute is designed to keep you engaged and focused on your law firm goals with both practice development and practical technology education, resources, forms and tools for your practice. We know membership is exclusive and space may not be available in your area. Want to take a look at practice42’s Premier Practice Institute or talk about what you need in your practice? You can call us at 850-933-5072 or just click here to let us know.


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