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Do you know why you need a dedicated law practice marketer in your firm?

We need the right support in our practices to not only make them grow but to create sustainable ecosystems for the future. You know that, to make your practice work at its most effective level, you need support.

Whether it is a receptionist interacting with clients as the face of the practice, a paralegal who knows the ins and outs of your casework, or an internal and external marketer to ensure you have the maximum visibility you can in your community, it takes a dedicated team to reach the best results for your firm. Unfortunately, you may know by now that hiring the wrong support for your practice can be a critical mistake. When it is not addressed immediately, it can set your success back weeks if you are lucky, months if you are not.

As you consider the key members on your law practice team, we encourage you to take a hard look at each team members’ individual performance. Do you know what you need to have the thriving practice you want? Do you have the right people in each role? Is their performance consistently at the top of their game or are you struggling to find the right fit and generate consistent results?

We find that the “wrong” fit for the lawyers who come to us for support in their firms often starts with their marketer. Either they have hired an untrained, inexperienced person on staff or are working with a company that does not specialize in the custom content they need. In either scenario, having an untrained person or company create your marketing campaigns is very similar as to when your potential clients choose to hire a non-lawyer for their case. How many times have we all cringed as lawyers when we hear: Why shouldn’t I just use LegalZoom, it’s just forms, right? Think of that from the perspective of marketing your law practice: Why shouldn’t I just use the lowest cost solution, it may be generic but it all works out, right?


Custom Law Blogs That Answer Your Most Frequently Asked Questions


Custom Legal Newsletters To Stay Top Of Mind With Your Audience


Custom Law Firm Social Media to Educate Google and Your Community

Brand Building & Logo Design

5 Star Client Reviews Proces

The truth is, it matters. It may seem like a good idea at face value (after all marketers can make great promises!) but once you dig a little deeper, you start to uncover all the problems. Problems such as the lack of monthly reporting, the lack of custom content with your message, missing website functionality or security practices, writing that exactly matches your competition down the street, slow esponse times, and a general lack of understanding of your firm’s message.

You took time to create this firm. We know it matters to you. How do we know? What makes us unique? We are a team of custom marketers and lawyers, created by a lawyer who knows you need real solutions that you can trust to get you the results you want.

Let us take the pressure off of you. We will give you your own graphic designer, your own copywriter, SEO specialist, and legal marketing advisor who gets it. They know what you are going through and will create the campaign you need for results in your law practice. Put our team to work with you and get excited as we build your local community presence together!

Website Migration with Law Website SEO Tools


Analytics for Your Law Website and Team Training


Law Website Search Engine Optimization for Your Practice


Local Search Engine Optimization for Your Law Brand


Custom Law Websites and Secure Hosting

Ready to be a DIY-er? Even the most successful Law Practice Warriors need guidance at times.

We want you to get to know (and join!) the Strategic Marketing Track within Practice42’s Group Coaching Program. We know reaching your business goals for your law practice is not a dream. It is a reality. One you can create. Real, long-term success is not an accident, it is not a happy circumstance, it is not luck – it is the result of systematized, hard work. Get the information you need to DIY from us!

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