Strategic CPA Marketing

As a Certified Public Accountant we know how important your service are. The standards to get where you are now are stringent and very different from an accountant or a bookkeeper. The thing is though, your local audience may not know what your services are and why they are so important both during and outside of tax season. You know that strategic CPA Marketing is critical to ensure that you have a thriving practice now and in years to come. You need a strategic marketing plan that is implemented to reach your goals. We know that you rely not only on generating new clients but ensuring they return again, and again.

This means we need to maintain consistent TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness.

When your clients go online they need to see you participating in your local community with educational content, know that you are just a phone call (or portal click!) away, and also get to know you. They need to know about you: The CPA. What are your experiences and expertise, who is on your team, what can they expect when they come into the practice? These same clients also need to be able to easily refer you to their friends who then need to be able to easily find you online.

Today, successful business models are all about relationships and relationships begin with your clients having multiple ways to connect with you digitally.

Let us show you what we mean!

Social Media Marketing Strategy that Your Local Community Can See

Results Driven Websites

Customized Print Materials

Local Search Engine Optimization

Advanced Google Placement Strategies and AdWords

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