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Can You Grow Your Law Practice on a (Pandemic) Budget

Planning for continued growth of your law practice can be critical to its success and longevity. You may be thinking about expanding your operations or increasing your profits. You may […]
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7 Tips You Need to Address ASAP When You Are Opening a Law Practice

When the entrepreneurial spirit is high, you may find yourself bursting at the seams to open your own law practice. It is an exciting time, but not the time to […]
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Tips for Attorneys on How to Avoid Overwhelm

The life of an attorney can be a struggle in the best of times. Add a pandemic into the mix and it may feel downright unbearable. If fact, more and […]
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Best Practice Tips for Law Firm Mobile Security - Part 1: iPhone Security

Research tells us the average person spends over four hours on the phone every day. When it comes to using a smartphone, many of our clients let us know that […]
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Why Law Firm Social Media Marketing is so Important Going Into 2019

The age of the internet changed the ways that law firms function. Law firms need real results that can be generated from custom law firm social media campaigns. Are you […]
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Using Facebook in your firm? You need to READ THIS TODAY!

Are you aware of how Facebook’s most recent update directly impacts the modifications you can make to the preview window when link sharing for your law firm? Curious? Wondering what’s […]
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Law Practice Management: 9 Tips & Tricks to Use Adobe DC Like a Pro

Are you one of the many people who want to learn how to use Adobe in their law practice management, but just don’t know how? The numerous features that Adobe […]
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