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Welcome To The Digital New Law Practice Era

We are now in a digital law practice era where there are rapid technological advances which can be overwhelming for many. There are new products that are released everyday, on […]
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Are Your Employees the Cause of Your Law Firm Cyber Attacks?

In 2019, most of the law firms we work with store much of their business information, including client information and legal documents, on their company servers or within their cloud. […]
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Best Practice Tips for Law Firm Mobile Security - Part 1: iPhone Security

Research tells us the average person spends over four hours on the phone every day. When it comes to using a smartphone, many of our clients let us know that […]
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Using Facebook in your firm? You need to READ THIS TODAY!

Are you aware of how Facebook’s most recent update directly impacts the modifications you can make to the preview window when link sharing for your law firm? Curious? Wondering what’s […]
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The Social Media Assistant You Need

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to stay on top of messages you receive on Facebook? Never fear! We have a  social media solution for you. Most of us think being […]
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Legal Marketing Digital Update for Quarter 1 (and it is only February!)

We’d love to tell you that 2017 is off to a slow and steady start but with all things in legal marketing in the digital arena that’s simply not the case. […]
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Who is Protecting You and Your Firm?

When it comes to cyber security, there is a tremendous emphasis on protecting your clients’ confidential and financial information. You need to invest in security measures that keep your clients […]
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Are You Paperless or Fireproof?

It may sound like a strange question but most law firms we talk to present themselves as being “paperless.” Note the quotations. The alleged stance of your paperlessness is on […]
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5 Strategies for Creating Silence in Your Law Firm

Wait a minute, did you say you can’t get anything done?  Anyone who is successful in business today knows that one of the ways to stay successful in business is […]
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3 Simple Strategies for Engaging the 2 Most Trusted Digital Referral Groups

Recent studies continue to show the top two most trusted digital referral sources for your business are friends and family.  The research revealed makes sense. There are two powerful psychological […]
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