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3 Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers with Your Employees

3 Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers with Your Employees

  Communication barriers are present every day, whether we acknowledge them or not. Communication has two steps. The first step is the sender transmitting information to the receiver. The second step is the receiver processing that information. A lot of noise happens between these two steps that can distort the true meaning of the conversation.… Read more »


The 3 Things I Want for You From Your Employees

I was meeting with one of my good friends (and really respected colleagues) today and we were talking about a mistake made by a team member. A gut-wrenching, totally preventable, how-could-you-do-this-to-me-unless-you-really-do-want-to-sink-my-practice type of mistake. We talked about it, although there was nothing to be done. My colleague had already gone above and beyond and told… Read more »


4 Steps to Better Communication

Building strong business communication in your professional relationships may seem daunting.  Once you start thinking about the time investment on your part, you may find yourself caught in engagement paralysis instead of finding motivation to take action.  Here are 4 quick steps to take for better communication practices. Maintain current contact information Contact information routinely… Read more »