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12 Practice Management Productivity Tools We Love (The 2016 Edition)

12 Practice Management Productivity Tools We Love (The 2016 Edition)

We love all things that encompass productivity, efficiency, profitability and are built to help you find time in your schedule to get things done! With the end of 2016 quickly approaching, we compiled our top twelve productivity tips and tools for the year in one place just for you. Happy reading! Productivity Tip 1 –… Read more »


5 Strategies for Creating Silence in Your Law Firm

Wait a minute, did you say you can’t get anything done?  Anyone who is successful in business today knows that one of the ways to stay successful in business is to get the work done. But what strategies are you utilizing in your practice to make sure it happens consistently? It is a simple concept –… Read more »


Part 1 of The Practicing Attorney’s Guide to Creating Website Clients Want to Read

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website is responsive. This means your website content, structure and brand adapt seamlessly to the mobile platform your audience is searching for you on.  Right now, mobile searches account for more than half of all Google searches.  Think of your clients asking legal questions on their smart… Read more »