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The Social Media Assistant You Need

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to stay on top of messages you receive on Facebook? Never fear! We have a  social media solution for you. Most of us think being […]
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Legal Marketing Digital Update for Quarter 1 (and it is only February!)

We’d love to tell you that 2017 is off to a slow and steady start but with all things in legal marketing in the digital arena that’s simply not the case. […]
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Do You Really Know Why You’re So Distracted at Work?

Ever feel like you just can’t focus at work? That you’re just too distracted to get anything done? We know the feeling. It seems like we always have something other than […]
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12 Practice Management Productivity Tools We Love (The 2016 Edition)

We love all things that encompass productivity, efficiency, profitability and are built to help you find time in your schedule to get things done! With the end of 2016 quickly […]
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5 Strategies for Creating Silence in Your Law Firm

Wait a minute, did you say you can’t get anything done?  Anyone who is successful in business today knows that one of the ways to stay successful in business is […]
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Part 1 of The Practicing Attorney’s Guide to Creating Website Clients Want to Read

Your website needs to be mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly website is responsive. This means your website content, structure and brand adapt seamlessly to the mobile platform your audience is searching for […]
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Can We Get Rid of Email in 10 Days?

We can, at least here on the p42 team. We’ve been testing driving Slack (#slack) here in our office. As most of you know, our goal is to never, ever […]
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