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What is the Importance of Knowing Your Closure Rates?

Do you know what your closure rates are? When a potential client comes in for a meeting, do you know the likelihood that he or she will end up becoming […]
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Can You Grow Your Law Practice on a (Pandemic) Budget

Planning for continued growth of your law practice can be critical to its success and longevity. You may be thinking about expanding your operations or increasing your profits. You may […]
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Do You Need a Mentor or a Performance Coach?

The law can be difficult when you feel alone in the trenches of it. Surprisingly, the isolation you feel doesn’t always get easier as you mature and grow in your […]
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Tips for Attorneys on How to Avoid Overwhelm

The life of an attorney can be a struggle in the best of times. Add a pandemic into the mix and it may feel downright unbearable. If fact, more and […]
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The Potential Workflow Tools You Can Find in a Practice Management Software

Although each practice management software is different in its offering and in its application, there are similarities between the services they provide. After all, they are designed to meet the […]
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Slack, Evernote, Azendoo, Fleep… How Do You Manage Projects in Your Law Practice?

When it comes to managing your employees, your projects, your workflow… and keeping all the information organized and in the right folder, what do you consistently use?  Are you using […]
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Law Practice Management: 9 Tips & Tricks to Use Adobe DC Like a Pro

Are you one of the many people who want to learn how to use Adobe in their law practice management, but just don’t know how? The numerous features that Adobe […]
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Are Your Law Practice Employees Trying to Get You To Promote Them?

How do you really know when your law practice employees are ready to take the next step in their career?  Obviously, their behavior, team efforts and performance markers are indicators […]
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Do You Really Know Why You’re So Distracted at Work?

Ever feel like you just can’t focus at work? That you’re just too distracted to get anything done? We know the feeling. It seems like we always have something other than […]
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12 Practice Management Productivity Tools We Love (The 2016 Edition)

We love all things that encompass productivity, efficiency, profitability and are built to help you find time in your schedule to get things done! With the end of 2016 quickly […]
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