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Are You Ready to Open your Own Practice?

Have you considered starting your own practice? The pull towards being your own boss, making the decisions on how the firm is run, and being able to decide which cases […]
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Tips for Attorneys on How to Avoid Overwhelm

The life of an attorney can be a struggle in the best of times. Add a pandemic into the mix and it may feel downright unbearable. If fact, more and […]
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Slack, Evernote, Azendoo, Fleep… How Do You Manage Projects in Your Law Practice?

When it comes to managing your employees, your projects, your workflow… and keeping all the information organized and in the right folder, what do you consistently use?  Are you using […]
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Are Your Law Practice Employees Trying to Get You To Promote Them?

How do you really know when your law practice employees are ready to take the next step in their career?  Obviously, their behavior, team efforts and performance markers are indicators […]
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Are You Ever Too Young to Think About Succession Planning?

Most of us know that succession planning isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. If we know this, however, why is it so hard to complete? I said complete not begin […]
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Who is Protecting You and Your Firm?

When it comes to cyber security, there is a tremendous emphasis on protecting your clients’ confidential and financial information. You need to invest in security measures that keep your clients […]
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Are You Paperless or Fireproof?

It may sound like a strange question but most law firms we talk to present themselves as being “paperless.” Note the quotations. The alleged stance of your paperlessness is on […]
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5 Strategies for Creating Silence in Your Law Firm

Wait a minute, did you say you can’t get anything done?  Anyone who is successful in business today knows that one of the ways to stay successful in business is […]
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