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Can You Grow Your Law Practice on a (Pandemic) Budget

Planning for continued growth of your law practice can be critical to its success and longevity. You may be thinking about expanding your operations or increasing your profits. You may […]
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Are You Ready to Open your Own Practice?

Have you considered starting your own practice? The pull towards being your own boss, making the decisions on how the firm is run, and being able to decide which cases […]
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7 Tips You Need to Address ASAP When You Are Opening a Law Practice

When the entrepreneurial spirit is high, you may find yourself bursting at the seams to open your own law practice. It is an exciting time, but not the time to […]
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Tired of Your Senior Partner? How to Open a Firm Over the Lunch Hour

Time and again you have put your best foot forward. You have tried to make things work. But, despite your best efforts, your senior partner continues to plague your professional […]
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