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3 Tips for Social Media for Law Firms Looking to Build a Loyal Audience

When you implement your marketing campaign it gives you the opportunity to interact with your audience. Social media for law firms can help you do this! Your custom social media […]
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3 Ways to Overcome Communication Barriers with Your Employees

Communication barriers are present every day, whether we acknowledge them or not. Communication has two steps. The first step is the sender transmitting information to the receiver. The second step […]
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The Social Media Assistant You Need

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to stay on top of messages you receive on Facebook? Never fear! We have a  social media solution for you. Most of us think being […]
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Cyber Security and Your Fee Agreement

When it comes to your engagement agreement in your law practice you’ve probably thought of just about everything. From billing practices and administrative expenses to office practices and describing your […]
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Does who you trick-or-treat with say a lot about your personality?

Summer is out, and fall is in! You know what that means, Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is an interesting day that brings back childlike memories for plenty […]
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The 3 Things I Want for You From Your Employees

I was meeting with one of my good friends (and really respected colleagues) today and we were talking about a mistake made by a team member. A gut-wrenching, totally preventable, […]
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4 Quick Rules for Monthly Marketing Content

Each month we get asked (a lot) about what to talk about with your audience in your monthly marketing content. We thought it would be helpful to share with you […]
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Leap Day is Not a Holiday – Never Has Been

Did any of your employees not come in for work on Monday, February 29th, because leap year added an extra day to the year?  Does your employee handbook mention Leap […]
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7 Great Ideas for Value Building Hold Messages

When I start to work with a new marketing client, I hope I’m put on hold. I hope I’m put on hold because in those few minutes of wait time […]
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4 Steps to Better Communication

Building strong business communication in your professional relationships may seem daunting.  Once you start thinking about the time investment on your part, you may find yourself caught in engagement paralysis […]
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