Is your website accessible to people with disabilities? There is no excuse for it not to be.

ADA compliance in business websites throughout the nation are becoming not only more relevant but a necessity as we see an increasing amount of litigation against businesses over their websites. Under Title III of the ADA and the subsequent case law that is emerging, private business websites can qualify as places of publication accommodation now and websites with access barriers that deny the right of equal access for disabled persons. Most website accessibility lawsuits center around the fact that all, or a portion of, the business website or app is inaccessible to the disabled.

We are watching as the filing of website accessibility lawsuits rises dramatically. While in 2017, we only saw an increase in these types of lawsuits by 17%, in 2018 we have seen an increase by 181%.

This means that even your small business, which may not otherwise, fall under the governance of the ADA, may need to take steps to provide increased accessibility.

How do you protect yourself? What standards apply? Are they different as you consider a mobile user of your website versus a desktop user? Although there is no bright line legal rule or standard we can follow right now, we do have a lot of guidance to rely on as these cases continue to evolve. You need to understand, first, that ignoring this issue is not the defense you want for your law firm website and, second, that there are many steps you can take right now on your website to ensure it is “reasonably” accessible. You can start by asking yourself or your website provider these six example questions regarding your website:

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